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We always have a rotating stock of used rack gear to compliment your studio needs!
Need a weird cable?
Don't have the right adapter?
We have a large selection of Hosa Products so you can get you back to making music!

Need rack gear?
Each location has a rotating stock of used Equalizers, Compressors, Reverb and more!

Each location has a large rotating inventory of new, used, and vintage microphones!
NEW Shure PG48 Microphone
Choose XLR-->XLR or XLR-->1/4inch

Our Price: $45.00
List Price: $50 10% Off!
NEW Shure SV-200 Microphone
XLR Cable
On/Off Switch

Our Price: $35.00
List Price: $35 0% Off!
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some products subject to availability or special order