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NEW Shure PG48 Microphone
Choose XLR-->XLR or XLR-->1/4inch

Our Price: $45.00
List Price: $50 10% Off!
NEW Shure SV-200 Microphone
XLR Cable
On/Off Switch

Our Price: $35.00
List Price: $35 0% Off!
NEW Shure SV-100Microphone
w/ XLR-->1/4in Cable
On/Off Switch

Our Price: $30.00
List Price: $38 21% Off!
NEW AKG K77 Headphones
Over Ear Semi-Closed Design
Great for your Home Studio

Our Price: $50.00
List Price: $70 29% Off!
NEW AKG K99 Perception Headphones
Studio Quality
Semi-Open Back

Our Price: $79.00
List Price: $129 39% Off!
NEW AKG K121 Headphones
Studio Quality
Semi-Open Design
Optimized for single-ear use

Our Price: $89.00
List Price: $129 31% Off!
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