We carry a full line of drum accessories and parts to get your drums sounding better and playing longer. Including sticks, heads, percussion accessories, replacement parts, stands, thrones, cases and bags.
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Shop by phone, shipped to you! Email us shiptum2u@tradeupmusic.com Send your general wish list, your phone number, and address that matches your credit card. A salesperson will call you back between 11-5 Mon-Fri. Inventory can be discussed and purchased over the phone via credit card, and shipped to matching residence at a nominal charge.
We are looking for: '58-'59 Slingerland Floor Tom and/or Snare
(Not For Sale) Chicago Badge
Silver Veil Finish / Yellowed to Gold?

We have an excellent
selection of both new
and used cymbals.

We carry a large variety of
Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Vater,
Regal Tip and Zildjian drum sticks.

Percussion Wall!
Come adopt an orphan floor tom
today! We have large selection
of rack toms as well

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some products subject to availability or special order