We also carry what you need to keep playing faster longer and louder. A wide range accessories including strings, picks, cables, capos, cleaners, cases, gig bags and replacement parts.
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Shop by phone, shipped to you! Email us shiptum2u@tradeupmusic.com Send your general wish list, your phone number, and address that matches your credit card. A salesperson will call you back between 11-5 Mon-Fri. Inventory can be discussed and purchased over the phone via credit card, and shipped to matching residence at a nominal charge.
Guild Acoustic Guitars
We have a great selection of new Guild Acoustics
dreadnaught, folk/concert, and parlour

Yamaha Steel String Acoustic
We carry a full line of Yamaha acoustic guitars
Solid top, beginner, dreadnaught, folk/concert,parlour, fractional sizes and lefties too!

Yamaha Classical Nylon String Guitars
We have a wide range of new classical nylon string acoustics
Fractional sizes and lefties

Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Acoustic-Electric
Thinline with Cutaway
Choose Black, Natural, Violin, or Red Burst Finish
System 68 Preamp

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some products subject to availability or special order

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